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Dear sirs!

Our company Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST" works in the market of car-care centre and autospare parts since 1990, specialises on service of cars Hyundai, Ford, VW, Skoda Toyota, MMC, Audi, BMW, Renault Peugeot Opel Nissan Mazda Kia Honda and also on deliveries and sale of spare parts and account materials for import cars, the Japanese, European, American and Korean marks of cars of auto trucks, buses. The assortment also engages every possible accessories, oils and Liquids, tuning details, the professional tool, the accompanying goods and many other things.

And also we make service and repair of cars foreign and a domestic production. We invite to corporate service of the organisation which are interested in minimisation of the expenses on the transport maintenance. High professionalism of our command will allow you not to worry for a technical condition of your car.

Having met us, having placed the order by phone, having sent inquiry about our e-mail you receive the price-list on spare parts with presence in Novosibirsk. Becoming our constant client, you receive a maximum of saved time by searches of spare parts as our big database allows us to execute your order in the shortest terms.

Our motto - "professionalism and efficiency for those who appreciates the time".

We hope for mutually advantageous cooperation.

Yours faithfully, collective Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST"

Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST"  
Russia , 630027, Novosibirsk,  
Obyedineniya street, 82/2, building 1  
phone/fax +7 (383 ) 272-66-66, +7 (383) 272-66-82  
E-mail: info@trlv.ru,