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Dear sirs!

Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST" company offers the complete complex of services including the decisions for problems of any level of complexity.

The collective of the company of Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST" works including in the market of a car business of since 1990, and one of directions: service of cars Hyundai, Ford, VW, Skoda, Toyota, MMC, Audi, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Honda and also on deliveries and sale of spare parts and consumables for import cars, the Japanese, European, American and Korean marks of cars of trucks, buses.

Since 2005 for problem fulfilment on a diversification of business of the Company we have opened a new direction: "Sale of the real estate and favourable investments into Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, England".

Since 2009: the Organization of any kinds of inspection, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in territory of Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST" company is included into holding where some independent "legal bodies" connected by one purpose and mission.

Mission: a beacon in a heavy sea of the Russian business.

Identification: to become the leader in branch.

Values: competent staff, care of the client, high profitability, honesty.

Our motto - "think differently, work in pleasure".

Cooperation with our company will promote development of your business.

Yours faithfully, Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST" collective

Open Company "TRANCE-LIZ-EAST"  
Russia , 630027, Novosibirsk,  
Obyedineniya street, 82/2, building 1  
phone/fax +7 (383 ) 272-66-66, +7 (383) 272-66-82  
E-mail: info@trlv.ru,